If you're like most business owners, you have a pretty good sense of how your business is going right now. What is probably more difficult for you is determining where you should be going in the future, and how to get there.

Are you achieving your GROWTH and PROFIT targets?
Do you have LIFE balance?
Do you want to turn your STRATEGIES into ACTION?
Do you want SIMPLE but POWERFUL solutions to your key business issues?


At George Pantahos & Co we are focused on the delivery of Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) for our business clients. We work with you much the same as a GPS system in your car would by mapping out where you are NOW, WHERE you want to be and then a clear strategy of HOW you will reach your destination. We will then support you along your journey so that if you start to head in the wrong direction we will bring you back on track.


How we can help you?
Our team is focused on providing growth and profit solutions to our clients. Some typical areas we assist clients include:

  • Increasing your sales and profitability
  • Developing and implementing a strategic plan to take
    your business forward
  • Getting clarity to the vision for the business
  • Creating successful project teams
  • Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Reducing 'expenses' / waste within your business
  • Achieving better Life Balance
  • Developing an effective product strategy
  • Continuous Improvement of internal processes

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Complete our Growth and Profit Diagnostic
20% of the issues in your business are causing 80% of your problems. 80% of your growth and profit will also come from 20% of your clients

What this means is that you really need to focus on what are the STRATEGIC issues in your business. What are the 20% of issues that if addressed will have a dramatic impact on increasing your growth and profit.

George Pantahos & Co through its membership of Mindshop have developed a 'Growth and Profit' Diagnostic which within 15-20 minutes will work you through a process of drawing out what your key issues are and will also determine the 'positive financial impact' of resolving each issue.

Click below to access our new Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Diagnostic tool to pinpoint your Top 3 Growth and Profit Issues:

GPS Diagnostic

After completing the GPS diagnostic why not make an appointment for a coffee and we shall walk you through the Growth and Profit Diagnostic results on a complimentary basis. We are sure this will be a valuable use of your time and assist you in identifying where you need to be focused to achieve your targets for the year ahead.

Contact: George Pantahos on +61 8 8223 7649 to establish a time.
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Our custom approach to each client
Every business we deal with is different. Many business' may have common issues such as wanting to increase profit, recruitment / retention of good people and growth issues but there are still unique differences that need to be taken into account when helping a business achieve its targets.

We customise our approach to each client using our wide range of available Growth and Profit Solutions. We follow a broad framework of NOW WHERE HOW  to get a clear picture of where you want to take the business and the issues or opportunities you are currently facing. This then guides us in assisting you to implement the right solutions at the right time to achieve your targets.
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We are 'Facilitators' not 'Consultants'
We are a team of 'Facilitators' not 'consultants'. This means when we work with you on your business we 'facilitate' a change process rather than using a theory based understanding to tell you how to run your business.

Our approach is to work with senior management behind the scenes to achieve their targets using proven management tools / processes. A business owner or manager has the greatest knowledge about their own business so it makes a much more powerful combination if an experienced facilitator can use management 'processes' to draw out the right strategies to drive the business forward. This method gives more ownership of the change process to management and also has the added benefit of training owners / managers in the latest business development tools so they can continue to drive the process once the outcome has been achieved.
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Our focus on 'Implementation'
We firmly believe the key to success in business is in the 'implementation'. We typically tell clients:  

"Don't pay us for the plan, pay us for the implementation"

We say this because we feel that without implementation any plan or strategy will almost certainly fail to achieve the outcomes a client desires. Getting strategies into action is where we specialize and why our clients choose us to partner with them for the long term in delivering to them innovative business and personal solutions.
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We are 'powered by' Mindshop
To assist us in delivering the best possible business solutions to our clients we are proud to be members of Mindshop. Mindshop is a provider of Growth and Profit Solutions to a leading global network of business advisors, consultants and senior managers. It has over 250 members in 9 countries and has been established for 10 years. Mindshop provides us with the training, experienced support, new technologies and global networking opportunities to deliver cutting edge business solutions to our clients. return to top

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If you have any further questions please contact George Pantahos: Email:george@pantahos.com.au



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