George Pantahos founded his business consultancy practice in 1983. In that time, he has built a substantial reputation as a business advisor and consultant amongst the firm’s clients and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise over a wide industry base.

George is supported by a competent and enthusiastic team.

Over the last few years, the firm has stepped way outside the role of traditional accounting toward a more practice role providing support for business growth, profit and life balance to the owner.

“ Just about every aspect of the way we do business has improved – the services we offer, the clients we work with and the way we educate them”

  • Whether it’s developing your business for growth or solving a complex tax issue, we have the specialist knowledge and strategic alliances to ensure you get the right advice.
  • We also remove the fear and uncertainty of price by customizing our services into Fixed Price Agreements and offering a 100% Customer Guarantee.

Recognising that we all compete in a global environment, the firm has responded by securing an associate membership with BDO.

BDO International is the worlds fifth largest accounting and consultancy network in the world, with offices in more than 100 countries and employing over 21,000 professionals.

As an associate member of BDO, the firm is able to tap into a national and international network of resources, which ultimately benefit our clients.

Mindshop International is a network of the worlds leading business advisors, consultants and senior managers. It has over 250 members in 9 countries, all focused on business and personal development. Mindshop provides us with the training, experienced support, new technologies and global networking opportunities to deliver cutting edge business solutions to our clients. George Pantahos is an Accredited Mindshop Facilitator.